Monday, December 3, 2007

Mystery postcard

My grandfather died a few months ago, and I went with my mother to help clean out the house. My grandmother (she died 20 years ago) was an antique collector/dealer, as well as a notorious pack rat. I found this stash of postcards in the house, most from the 1920s, though some were as old as 1906 and some as recent as 1967. They all were must have been from the same place-- they are mostly addressed to Margaret Burnette, her daughter Florence Burnette (later Hawes) and Louis Hawes, Florence's future husband. They all lived at 19 Birch Crescent in Rochester, which is now inhabited by a yoga instructor. I don't know why I find this all so fascinating.

Anyway, This postcard is from June 6, 1910, before Florence and Louis were married. It features obvious poor spelling. Was it a joke? I mean, the spelling is seriously atrocious! , and it's written to Florence's mother on a postcard, no less!

here it is for your perusal:

"Deer Mrs. Burnet:__,
I don't like to micks up in uther peeples afares, but I tho't I ought to tell you that I saw that Mr. Hawes with anuther girl won nite at a show. May be you no it all reddy but I thot mayve Florence wouldnt like it & would jilt him fer mee if I tolt you. I have all ways been troo to every girl I went with & would be troo to hur. Pleese let me no rite away. _______"

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