Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Grandpa, put down that chainsaw!

I found 2 contact sheets and one family photograph perched on top of a trash pile outside a photo developing place in Government Center a couple of months ago. the photos don't seem like anything extraordinary on first glance, but once you start really looking at them and realizing you have absolutely no context for them whatsoever, they get a little more interesting.

For example:
It looks like the dad and the groom are about to make out. The mom is obviously not paying attention, but doing a good job of pretending, and the woman fiddling with her necklace just looks bored.

I enlarged some of the pics from the contact sheets, to see what they were. i thought perhaps I'd find pictures of a murder, Blow-Up style. No such luck. However, I did find that grandpa wields a pretty mean chainsaw!

No Christmas would be complete without a disembodied hand holding some lightbulbs! -->

<-- this baby is not impressed with the situation, but the Volvo in the background is pretty swank.

<-- Uncle Bob was slightly drunk when he took this crooked picture.

I'm glad someone thought to take a picture of the apple magnet on the refrigerator! I'm not sure what the thing in the middle is, but it looks important. -->

<-- Grandpa is the king of his wood.

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Anonymous said...

That's an Audi.